A struggling banking sector

In recent years, Ukraine has repeatedly witnessed tendencies of political polarization and instability, which have negatively affected the Ukrainian financial system and led to the depreciation of the national currency, and damage to banks and other financial institutions. The situation with the banks in Ukraine is exceptionally challenging for a number of reasons. They were unable to recover from the 2008–2009 crisis before being hit again in 2014. The deep Ukrainian recession and the plunge of the hryvnia, together with strong ...
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The International Comparative Legal Guide to:
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2016

Authors: Ivan Mishchenko, Managing Partner and Dmitriy Abramenko, Counsel



1.1        Please set out the various regimes applicable to recognising and enforcing judgments in your jurisdiction and the names of the countries to which such special regimes apply.

Under Ukrainian law, a foreign judgment in a civil and/or commercial case would be enforced either pursuant to an international agreement entered into by Ukraine or under the principle of reciprocity.  There are two multilateral agreements ...

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